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Hi, I’m Sajal.

I hail from New Delhi, India. Though, I have spent a couple of the past few years in Melbourne, Australia where I completed a Master of Information Technology degree from The University of Melbourne, Australia’s most prestigious university.

I currently live in Pune, working as a Data Scientist at Unscrambl, Inc, where I lead the Chatbot development team! We’re a kick-ass startup bringing real-time, intelligent, and interactive analytics to different verticals including telecommunications, healthcare, and banking. When I’m not trying to build the world from the move Her, I use statistics and machine learning to solve our customer’s analytics problems, and incorporate predictive models in Unscrambl’s flagship product, Drive. Being a jack of all trades, sometimes I also build front-end applications, dashboards and visualisations to help our customers interact with our data products. You do need good storytelling for good data. ;)

In the past I’ve worked as a Technical Lead in a service oriented startup, Energy Umpire based in Melbourne, Victoria.

So yeah, I have my fair share of startup experience, and the usual get sh*t done attitude that comes with it.

I’m also really into indie rock, creative writing, travelling, and caffeine. I cycle between other hobbies as well, with the change of seasons. Also trying to learn German (the language) and how to play the guitar!

What I know

As a result of my perpetual curiosity, I have practical experience with a wide range of technologies including:

Python • R • Ruby • Java • Javascript • ReactJS • AngularJS • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • NodeJS • Jquery • MySQL • MongoDB • Scikit-Learn • NLTK • Pandas • Numpy

for use with concepts such as:

Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics, Statistical Data Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, Database Systems & Information Modelling • Software Engineering • Web Application Development, and more!

Thankfully, I’m not a cat.

Certificates I’ve completed:

To feed my hunger for learning, I take online courses for different Data Science topics and work independently on projects in my free time. Some of them include:

  • Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree - by Kaggle and Google - Udacity
  • Statistics Specialization: Introduction to Probability and Data - by Duke University - Coursera
  • Statistics Specialization: Inferential Statistics - by Duke University - Coursera
  • Big Data Foundations, including Hadoop and Spark - by IBM - Big Data University
  • Data Science and Machine Learning with R - Udemy
  • Python Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp - Udemy
  • React Nanodegree - Udacity (why? because I like being woke!)

Check out my portfolio to see iPython notebooks and Github repos for some of the projects I’ve worked on.

And that’s about it! Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities, collaboration, consulting or have a heated debate about the best coffee in India. I’m always happy to chat!

You can find a contact form on the homepage, or send an email directly to [email protected].

Thanks for reading!