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Sajal Sharma


You can find a professional resume here.


I hail from New Delhi, India and currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Unscrambl, where I'm a part of the NLP product team. As a team, we're responsible for building the natural language frameworks that power Unscrambl's flagship collaborative analytics product, Qbo. In the past I've led chatbot development projects for clients across South-East Asia, at Unscrambl.

I've also worked as a Technical Lead in a service oriented startup, Energy Umpire based in Melbourne, Victoria.

I completed my Masters in Information Technology at University of Melbourne in 2016. I've mentored STEM students from the university in 2020 and 2021. I also serve as a mentor and project reviewer for Udacity's School of Data Science.

So yeah, I have my fair share of startup and academic experience, and the usual get sh*t done attitude that comes with it.

I'm also into indie rock and hip hop music, creative writing, and travelling. I cycle between other hobbies as well, with the change of seasons. Currently I'm trying to get better at sharing what I learn and what I do, online - insipired by Austin Kelon's Show Your Work!.

What I know

As a result of my relentless curiosity, I have practical experience with a wide range of technologies including:

Python • Javascript • Typescript • React • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • Node • MySQL • Scikit-Learn • NLTK • Spacy • Pandas • Numpy

for use with concepts such as:

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Database Systems & Information Modelling • Software Engineering • Web Development, and more!

Right now, I prefer using Python for back-end, NLP and Deep Learning work.

Certificates I've completed:

To feed my hunger for learning, I take online courses for areas in AI and Software Engineering that I find interesting, and work independently on projects in my free time. Some of them include:

  • Deep Learning Specialization - Coursera
  • Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree - Udacity
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization - Coursera
  • Statistics Specialization: Introduction to Probability and Data, Inferential Statistics - by Duke University - Coursera
  • Python Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp - Udemy
  • React Nanodegree - Udacity

Check out my portfolio to see iPython notebooks and Github repos for some of the projects I've worked on.

And that's about it! Feel free to connect on Linkedin or get in touch if you want to discuss opportunities, collaboration, consulting or have a heated debate about the best coffee in India. I'm always happy to chat!

You can find a contact form on the homepage, or send an email directly to

Thanks for reading!

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